Stormy Weather Connection  

Eure Stimme

What do our lyrics mean to you? Tell us how you experience them. Just send an email to:
Subject: "Fan voice". We can´t wait to get your interpretations.

Street Team

As a member of the SWC Street Team you can contribute to SWC´s career and you will be the first to know about new projects, gigs, video productions and cd releases.

What is the SWC Street Team?

The SWC Street team includes all those who want to help us spread the world with good music. Our goal is to make the music of SWC even more popular.

What does the SWC Street Team do?

The SWC Street Team passes out flyers, posters and stickers ... or sends emails bulletins or comments in guestbooks, bulletin boards chats or on Myspace.


Common sense, high spirits and fun with the music of SWC

Just send an Email with subject ‚I´m in` to: schicken. Please tell us the country and region where you want to show action.

As soon as a project is planned you will get an Email with all the informations